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Camp Different is happening for kids: 8-10 July 2022 at the Victorian Blue Light Youth Camp



Camp Different is for young people ages 9-16 (must be 9 at the time of camp) who feel different, are different, want to be different or love others who are different. It's about embracing difference and diversity, feeling okay to be ourselves and feeling comfortable and proud to share our unique way of looking at the world. "Why fit in, when you were born to stand out?" Dr Seuss.


Camp Different is about embracing who we are and being better together. Participants will have the opportunity to share, express, create, connect, have fun and find out more about what makes each of us totally unique.  

Participants must arrive at camp at 2pm Friday afternoon 8th July and be picked up at 4pm Sunday 10th July from the Victorian Blue Light Youth Camp in Maldon (Phoenix Street, Maldon). A WHAT TO BRING LIST will be provided to all participants closer to the date of camp.


We're going to try something a little DIFFERENT and make a film! 


The film is called 'Different' and follows the story of young people who feel different, are different and want to be different. It's about feelings of loneliness, isolation, wanting acceptance and needing to belong, what makes us unique, but also what makes us feel connected and part of a community.


Camp participants will be acting, directing, writing, performing, producing, operating cameras, sound, lighting, managing backgrounds, sets, artwork and the filming schedule. We will discuss and explore what it's like to be different and how to embrace difference, whilst learning about the process of film-making and actually making one too. We will invite all participants and parents to a screening of the film once its edited and completed. All filming will be complete before camp ends at 4pm on Sunday 10th July.

There will be lead roles, cameo roles, small roles, extra parts and backstage/behind the scenes roles so that all participants are fully involved. 

Cost of the camp is $595 for three days and two nights accommodation, with 15% discount for each sibling. As always, scholarships and discounts are available. No child will be refused for financial reasons. Please email for further information.    


Camp Director is Paul Kooperman, experienced teacher, youth leader, community engagement specialist, festival and event manager, screenwriter, playwright and published author. Paul has run youth programs and events for the last thirty years. He has written for television shows such as Home and Away, Wicked Science and the comedy show, The Wedge. He has had a feature film produced, Wil (2006), and had several others in development. He was commissioned to write DragQueensland the Musical by Deborah Conway for the Queensland Music Festival in 2011 and has a feature film currently in pre-production, due for release in 2023. ​Paul leads a team of experienced youth leaders and expert local film professionals and creative practitioners to work with participants to make the film, "Different". It will be a very special experience and memory for all participants. 


Both the venue itself and the camp team have a strict child safe policy, prioritising the safety of participants above all else. The leaders are trained to be aware of unsafe or threatening behaviour and will take action to ensure the safety and care of all participants at all times. All leaders will have working with children check cards (and police checks). There will be regular check-ins with all participants, as well as clear, direct instructions and rules to make camp an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone. Parent volunteers will also be in attendance at the camp to provide further safety and support for camp attendees.   


* Comfortable dorm accommodation

* A healthy menu, all food provided

* Making a film

* Working with expert practitioners and experienced film professionals

* Acting

* Voice-work

* Music

* Playing and pretending

* Dance (for those who want to)

* Writing (for those who want to)

* Art, drawing and painting 

* Skits, sketches, songs and performances

* Games and sports

* Campfire and marshmallows 

* Did we mention games?

* And we're making a film! 


  1. You must be aged nine (9) before camp commences to attend Camp Different

  2. You disclose fully and transparently all health issues and dietary requirements to help us prioritise your mental and physical health, safety and positive well-being at camp. 

  3. You come to camp with a positive attitude to participate fully with the program and other participants. 

  4. You understand that participants are NOT to bring any food to camp, any electronic devices or anything which could be considered anti-social or promoting anti-social behaviour.

  5. You give permission to be photographed/filmed during camp and for camp photos/footage to be used as promotion for further activities (with the assurance that names won't be attached and people in photos won't be identified).

  6. You understand refunds are not given as a general rule, so please be sure you can and want to attend when you sign up. 

  7. We will have a strict child safety and COVID policy and plan in place and all participants are expected to abide by it