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We provide event management support

From planning to delivery, we provide an end-to-end service to support your events as a vehicle to better connect with your existing and future customers, clients, ambassadors, investors, sponsors, supporters, patrons and partners. Whether it be a workshop for your team, or a conference for your stakeholders, let us help you design the perfect event to grow your business.

Together is Better has delivered many major events in recent years including The Festival of Voices in Tasmania, community art exhibitions, ANZ, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Victorian Goldfields Railway, Traders Associations, corporate events, government workshops, marketing conferences, communities of practice, The Goldfields Gothic Festival in Regional Victoriam and TEDxMaldon.

Together is Better helped us to plan and deliver every aspect of our conference, from liaising with the venue, attendees and facilitators to decorating the venue and welcoming attendees, name tags, everything, which all led to our event being an outstanding success.

Simone Woods

Director PwC

Director of Together is Better, Paul Kooperman, has a natural talent to find ways to include stakeholders and event attendees to improve the event experience for everyone involved.

Nicole Yang

ANZ Corporate Events

Paul Kooperman has shown great initiative to build the profile of the Victorian Goldfields Railway by creating a team of committed talented contributors and developing a marketing strategy we can use to build our business moving forward.

Max Coxhead

Director Victorian

Goldfields Railway

Together is Better was engaged to activate Acland Street in St Kilda. They created and delivered a large event called StripFest (a festival on the strip) which engaged thousands of event-goers and drew significant media attention. It was an incredible initiative and big success for traders.

Suzanne Lewis

Chair of Traders Association, Acland Street St Kilda

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